Doors & Window Screens

Screens are useful additions to any home or business; they allow you to keep doors and windows open to circulate fresh air and save money on air conditioning, while keeping pests outside, and children and pets safely inside. At Contra Costa Plate & Mirror Co., we can custom manufacture, repair, and install window and door screens of any size, including sliding screens, swinging screens, and security screens. We can meet almost any residential or commercial need, from one small screen to door and window screens for an entire building.

All of our screens are available in either standard aluminum mesh or thick steel wire (except for our heavy duty security screens). Steel wire screens are a great option for people with pets, because they offer superior resistance to ripping and tearing. They're also a great option for people with older homes; the high quality steel wire complements classic architectural details and enhances the home's exterior. All of our screens are framed in durable and maintenance-free fiberglass, and we can match any color for the frame, so it will fit perfectly with your existing decor. We also offer standard white, gray, tan, dark brown, and aluminum-colored frames.

At Contra Costa Plate & Mirror Co., most of our work comes from referrals; that's because our thousands of satisfied residential and commercial clients know they can rely on our expert, affordable screen sales and service. More Contra Costa County contractors trust us to handle screen installations for their projects, because we deliver a quality product at a competitive price with a fast turnaround. We can usually turn out a custom screen order in just 3-5 days, and our experience and expertise ensures that every screen will be sized correctly and ready for installation.

Whatever your screen requirements, you can trust Contra Costa Plate & Mirror Co., to quickly create and install the highest quality screens for the best price. Call us today to schedule a free on-site estimate. We'll come to your home or business to discuss your screening needs and measure your window and/or door openings. Then we'll provide you with a reasonable, upfront cost estimate. For even more cost-effective service, you're welcome to bring your existing screens into our shop, and we'll build replacement screens to the same measurements. Call us today, and find out why we're the best value in Contra Costa County for window and door screens.