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San Rafael, CA, Need Quality Lath, Plaster and Spray-On Fireproofing?

San Rafael, CA builders, architects and project managers rely on Freas Plastering Company whenever a project requires quality workmanship with superior materials and a highly trained union workforce.

Our business is built on confidence and trust. San Rafael builders have the confidence in us for expert, union craftsmen and the experience to do an excellent job. Whether the job needs exterior plaster work, acoustical plaster application, historical or landmark architectural reconstruction or any kind of interior plaster application, San Rafael trusts us when they want quality work. We are also the first choice in spray-on fireproofing or EIFS systems applied by EIFSmart contractors. We are dedicated to delivering excellence.

In San Rafael, Freas Plastering Company is known for reliability and dependability. Our experts, all union craftsmen, have a dedication to doing the job right and on schedule. We have the experience to meet any building challenge and to deliver work of which you will be proud.

Freas Plastering Company Inc. is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) current with the latest in Green Building techniques. We have contributed our expertise in numerous LEED certified projects and use LEED accreditable materials.




Freas Plastering Company: San Rafael’s Most Creative Plastering Company

We are not only gratified by the expertise and workmanship of our union workforce but also by their creativity and ability to handle a widely diverse array of projects. Freas Plastering Company has more than 30 years of experience in San Rafael in meeting the requirements of state and city governments for public office building projects, educational institutions, libraries and other types of municipal buildings. We are also in demand for residential and commercial projects. Freas Plaster Company, Inc. is a specialist in interior and exterior lathing, plastering, and decorative finishing. We are a fully certified spray-on fireproofing applicator utilizing many systems.

In San Rafael, CA, Freas Plastering Company is widely known among the finest architects, contractors and project managers. We are endorsed and recognized for our ability to complete projects on time and with competitive rates. There is never a question about the quality of our workmanship. We answer to the most critical quality control inspectors in the industry – ourselves!

San Rafael, do you have a lath, plastering or spray-on fireproofing question? Please contact us!



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